40 Pools

Celebrating a Big Birthday with 40 Swims

Approaching 40

on August 2, 2012

40th birthday cakeAlthough there are still several months to go in the year of the 40 Pools Project, I find myself one pool away from the original goal–and having way too much fun to stop. With so many pools left to check out, I am looking forward to those far past number 40 and plan to continue posting “new” pools as I visit them.

It has been far more meaningful than I expected to intentionally seek out new swim experiences and friends to share them with. I’ve really enjoyed the stories of other people’s swim memories, and I’m grateful for the way friends and strangers have stepped up to literally open pool doors for me. I’m also glad to count some non-swimming, or rather not-yet-swimming, friends and family members among the readers, and I hope this project has given them some insight into what I love about swimming. Finally, I’ve appreciated the input from strangers just looking for a pool. Even in this Internet age, it is not always easy to find good info about pools, and I’m glad to help fill the void.

Much as I am enjoying this project, I am actually enjoying being 40. I get so much respect when I state my age! I really do feel wiser, more self-aware, and less worried about other people’s judgments. (Youngsters, you have a lot to look forward to!)

One thing that has become increasing apparent is my true need for the pool. Swimming is not optional, to use a phrase from a swim parent who described her daughter’s parallel condition to me recently. Swimming is a very important part of what makes me happy, worth making sacrifices for in other areas–even sleep. Having a goal or two in mind makes the swimming, and the life, that much better.

Thank you for being part of this project so far. If it does not inspire you to stop by your local pool, I hope it motivates you to increase the presence of whatever you are passionate about in your own life. Here’s to lots more!

5 responses to “Approaching 40

  1. Sullivan says:

    Congratulations on 40!
    What pool will be # 40?

  2. georgettew says:

    Hi Hannah,
    Just a thank-you for the inspiration for 60 walks. Your blog is great. I have learned that pools are way more interesting than I ever would have imagined and that swimming can be far more social than I might have expected. Georgette

    • Hannah says:

      I know you’ll find your walks every bit as enjoyable as I find my pools. If you’re near the Hudson tomorrow in the vicinity of Bannerman’s Island, keep an eye out for not-a-pool swimmers in the afternoon.

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