40 Pools

Celebrating a Big Birthday with 40 Swims

#82: Willow Valley Communities Aquatics Center

on January 31, 2015
Four pool fans

Rub-a-dub-dub, four women in a tub: Janet, Mom, me, and Aunt Alice Ann.

Location: Willow Street, Pennsylvania

Configuration: 2 x 25-yard designated lap lanes, 4 more without lane lines

Cost: Free as guest of community resident

An underemployed friend and I used to quip that retirement is wasted on the old. That couldn’t be farther from the truth at Willow Valley Communities, a pair of non-profit-run retirement campuses just outside Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where my aunt and uncle settled in late 2013. The 2,500 “mature adults” who call this home make the most of many fine amenities at their disposal, including a Cultural Center with this Fitness and Aquatics Center.

100_2577_willow_valleyThe pool opens at 6:00 a.m. every day, sans lifeguard but with swim-buddy rule. The lap section is 4-5 feet deep, kept at a temperate 82 degrees, with a deep end off to one side that was host to a volleyball game during my visit. There’s also a warmer therapy pool where my mom and aunt took an arthritis class and a hot tub completing the square, all surrounded by a large deck and lounge.

Natural light comes in from a wall of windows along the lap side, colorful murals and flags add to the cheer, and it’s all impeccably maintained. Accessories include many toys (no pull buoys), and the locker rooms are lovely.

My aunt and uncle have made many friends in their new home, including champion swimmer Janet. She’s gearing up for the U.S. Senior Games, having already claimed a state title in the 80-84 age group. A freestyler and backstroker, Janet trains in the pool three times a week. I was thrilled when she turned up by my side the day after Christmas, because we’d thought our swims wouldn’t overlap. She and her husband chose Willow Valley partly because of its pool, and I don’t blame them. In summer 2014, Willow Valley even completed an outdoor (non-lap) pool on the other campus, just steps from my aunt’s place. What’s not to like?!

Janet attributes her health and vitality to her swimming, to which she confesses a happy addiction–something I certainly relate to. But there is plenty else to keep people active and fulfilled at Willow Valley: classes, volunteering, theater, restaurants, outings, clubs, model trains, walking paths, fishing ponds . . . the list goes on. All the people I’ve met during the course of two visits seem exceptionally satisfied with their decisions to settle here, so I’m pleased as punch that my aunt and uncle are among them–and that I can look forward to more swims at this pool.

2 responses to “#82: Willow Valley Communities Aquatics Center

  1. Anne says:

    Those murals are so great! Sounds and looks like an awesome retirement spot.
    I love your posts-such a treat to read!

  2. Judy says:

    Thanks Hannah, for your beautiful article about Willow Valley Communities!

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