40 Pools

Celebrating a Big Birthday with 40 Swims

#81: Prospect Park YMCA Aquatics Center

on December 21, 2014

Image by Levien & Company.

Location: Park Slope, Brooklyn

Configuration: 6 x 25 yards

Cost: Free as guest of member

Here is a happy story of depaving a parking lot to put up a paradise. The Prospect Park YMCA Aquatics Center was conceived to expand swim capacity beyond the small, 1927-vintage pool at this bustling facility. It took several years longer than expected to come to fruition but now does just that, netting the Y at least one new member.

Jen, whom I last swam with on Staten Island, is a happy new member here and reports that the new lap pool is never crowded. We visited the day after Thanksgiving and had plenty of room in both the pool and the locker rooms, making for a relaxing afternoon on what for many was a day of frenzied consumption. Indeed, I must admit relief that the patrons here did not match any Park Slopes stereotype of, say, self-righteous parents and precocious children.

Ranging in depth from 4 to 5 feet, the pool exemplifies good aquatic design and management: on-deck showers and bathrooms, pixellated wave and fish tile decorations, toys galore, and natural light from high-level windows on two sides all impressed me. The older pool remains in use, allowing this new one to be largely dedicated to lap swimmers and kept at a not-too-warm temperature.


Jen peers down into the pool from 8th Street.

The YMCA, which has been on an impressive pool-opening kick these past few years, secured enough funding in 2007 to break ground. Donors included then-councilman Bill de Blasio, who remained a devoted gym patron well into his mayoral term before finally leaving the neighborhood for Gracie Mansion. Originally predicted to open in 2008, the project took much longer than expected in typical New York fashion, finally seeing completion this past summer.

The exterior belies the high-ceilinged space inside. Cleverly, the new pool was built well below grade, with just one story poking up above ground, thereby maximizing future development possibilities and quashing the parking lot. There’s still plenty of bike parking out front by the main entrance on 9th Street, allowing the natives to arrive by the politically correct conveyance.

Jen is a regular here now, and I wish the Y would do something in my neighborhood.

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