40 Pools

Celebrating a Big Birthday with 40 Swims

#72: Athletic and Swim Club

on April 16, 2014
pool from far end

Image by Club Corp

Location: Midtown Manhattan

Configuration: 4 x 25 yards

Fee: Free as guest of member during membership promo

A New York Times article a couple months back noted that there are “only” 150 indoor pools in Manhattan. Considering this in light of my expired Reebok Sports Club membership, which I am mourning inconsolably, served as a good reminder that I still have a lot of water to test locally. After all, I’ve notched “only” 72 pools since 2012, many of them off-island.

To give myself a sense of possibility, I set my sights on one of the few facilities that I thought might stand a chance against the luxe Reebok Club, where I had grown very fond of the hot tub, the café, the spacious lockers, the hot tub, the roof deck, the nap-friendly spaces, and did I mention the hot tub? Yup, I miss it there.

The Athletic and Swim Club at Equitable Center caters to a similarly upscale demographic, but whereas I would feel tempted to stay all day at the Reebok Club, this one seemed geared to getting me in and out as efficiently as possible without a visible trace of the workout. How so? For one, the location in the belly of the Midtown beast, with direct underground access to the Rockefeller Center concourse, means that you can get here from all over Midtown without setting a foot outdoors. (I recommend entering from street level on Seventh Avenue so you can admire the Roy Lichtenstein mural on the way in. Do not try to take a picture, though.) You don’t need to bring workout clothes, since those are provided, and you can even have your business attire pressed while you’re not in it! (Swimmers do need to bring their own swimsuit.) There’s a full array of toiletries and styling devices, and you can grab a complimentary apple on the way out to chomp on your way back to the office.

This is not to say that the club isn’t very, very nice. It is.The hot tub jets were perhaps not quite as strong as those I’d grown accustomed to, and you could argue that the locker area would benefit from some refreshing, but this was still at the far end of the fanciness spectrum and leaps beyond my usual swim spots.

My visit took place on a weekday afternoon after a work event in Midtown, and I enjoyed the swim. I had one of the pool’s four lanes to myself the whole time, the water was pleasantly cool, and it felt light and spacious despite being far underground. Not so light and spacious that I’d want to relax in the lounge chairs, but they were a nice touch. My biggest gripe against the pool, which is really quite minor, is that the metal rim around the edge is not quite flush with the tiling and therefore proved annoying at the turns.

In a way I suppose I’m glad that I wasn’t as taken with this as I was with the Reebok Club, because its location is even less convenient, and it’s easier to have just one true love. If I worked in Midtown and wanted a secret hideaway, I would definitely keep this in mind.

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