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Australian Pool Vocabulary

on December 30, 2013

DSCN0618For the benefit of future swim tourists, here are some translations to help with the language barrier. (This is a work in progress and may expand as my Aussie vocabulary increases.)

bathers bathing suit
boom bulkhead
budgy smuggler male Speedo-cut suit
change room locker room, with the caveat that Aussie change rooms may not have lockers, as they may be on deck instead
circle swimming the term is the same, but Down Under it means swimming clockwise rather than counterclockwise
cossies bathing suit
nippers young kids in training to be ocean lifeguards
spa hot tub
squad team or training group
stands bleachers
surf beach ocean beach with waves
swimmers bathing suit
togs bathing suit
tumble turn flip turn

3 responses to “Australian Pool Vocabulary

  1. Debbie says:

    budgie smugglers!! RFLOL

  2. […] prevented you from taking a logical route from one pool to another. Making matters worse, I left my bathers  in the car (this was a day of many swims; please forgive me) so I had to make extra exit and reentry […]

  3. […] my simple advice to anyone contemplating a swim trip to Australia is go. You’ll pick up the lingo, adapt to swimming on the left, and fall in love with the swim culture in no […]

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