40 Pools

Celebrating a Big Birthday with 40 Swims

#63: Temescal Pool

on November 30, 2013

Temescal PoolLocation: Temescal, Oakland, California

Configuration: 6 lanes x 33 1/3 yards

Fee: $5

If you blindfolded me, spun me around three times, and dropped me into an outdoor, 33-yard, saltwater pool, my first guess as to location would be California. These delightful features seem to be concentrated here, and lucky me is able to enjoy them this week during a Thanksgiving vacation.


The Temescal Pool is just a few blocks from where my brother lives, so I strolled over here on Monday for the lunchtime lap session. The lanes were well used, with four to six people in each, and everyone was very courteous. Noticing my NYC Swim cap, a lane-mate mentioned that he used to live in New York, and after a bit of chatting we realized that he used to work for my employer. Small world.

The Temescal District is a diverse, lively part of Oakland, and the pool’s uses reflect that. It serves an adjacent high school, and as the lap session was wrapping up, a CPR class was getting started. There’s also a USMS team here that I swam with once a few years ago. The lifeguard paced around the pool, a big improvement from the sitting/sleeping/texting posture that is common where I usually swim.

If only it were so easy as spinning around three times with my eyes closed, I’d be a regular here.


4 responses to “#63: Temescal Pool

  1. ed riley says:

    Hannah continues her chlorine journey …keep em coming…where oh where will we find her next?? enjoy the coming holiday season

  2. Sam Borgeson says:

    Other features include food trucks next door to the pool every Friday evening all summer long and movies projected from the lawn after dark.

  3. […] in the water under the bright sun. A trip to California last month provided a good dose, mostly in Temescal Pool, as each day grew increasingly sunny and warm–while the Northeast was socked in by a polar […]

  4. […] info) $6 lap swim fee. 33 yard salt water pool. Haven’t been here yet, but Hannah at 40 Pools really liked it. Will add more color after I […]

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