40 Pools

Celebrating a Big Birthday with 40 Swims

Author, Author!

on December 31, 2012

40 pools book coverI got the most amazing present courtesy of this blog’s number-one fan*: a book of the first 40 pools! The layout and cover were designed by a talented graphic designer who skillfully incorporated the blog’s visual theme, and it’s so shimmery that it looks like you could dive in. Instead, you can page through electronically or get your very own copy at blurb.com.

Perusing the book brings back memories of wonderful pools and wonderful friends, old and new. It’s fun to see how the project took shape throughout the year, bringing me to pools far and near, more exciting and diverse than I would have thought possible.

It’s really neat to have a tangible souvenir from the project, too. I used to work on books and always felt such pride when they came out, whether my name was buried in the acknowledgments or not listed at all. That feeling is multitudes greater with my name on the cover, never mind that there are only two copies in existence.

I couldn’t bring myself to stop at just 40 pools and don’t plan to stop at 54. Here’s to more pools and friends, old and new, and unexpected pleasures in 2013!

*Number-one status earned by being the blog’s first subscriber and maintained on many a swim. Thanks, Hug!

40 Pools displayed on a coffee table

40 Pools, the book: suitable for a coffee table near you.

10 responses to “Author, Author!

  1. Ralph de Rijke says:

    What a great New Year’s present!

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, even though I’m now back in the Netherlands, and I’m delighted to see this project come to such productive fruition. But you deserve a ‘shout’ (as today’s parlance has it) for having dived into this project in the first place. There was a clear need, and you met it. Nice dive!


    Ralph Amsterdam


  2. Jo says:

    Wow! We will see you in Sydney for 2014 new years day dip in the Pacific Ocean!

  3. runninarounduptown says:

    That’s really cool!!

  4. Barbara Lindsey says:

    How wonderful! I look forward to seeing it. A beautiful gift. (-:

  5. Hannah's Dad says:

    Little did I know when I learned to swim in the Green Street wading pool in Woburn, MA that I was engendering a champion swimmer!

  6. David Hughes says:

    Hey Hannah,

    Really happy you like it.
    It was too good an idea to pass up.
    Your project deserves a tangible record that can be held onto for many years.
    Nice to know regardless of how blogs/internet habits and delivery change, you will always have something to pull off the shelf.

    Looking forward to 41-80.


    • Hannah says:

      Thanks so much, David. You did am amazing job of bringing the feel of the project to life. Hopefully some of the future pools will be in Sweden.

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