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Happy Anniversary to TNYA at John Jay!

on March 9, 2012
TNYA newsletter snip

Excerpt from "News of the World of NYAH," February 1990. (We are not sure if the reference to six lanes was due to optimism, misinformation, typographical error, or a last-minute change in the pool design.)

On Friday, March 9, 1990, TNYA began workouts at the new John Jay pool! This moment in pool history was announced in my team’s first-ever newsletter, published in February 1990 and recently unearthed by fellow TNYAer Charlie, who has begun digitally archiving the team’s history.

Back then, Team New York Aquatics had just become an official chapter within Empire State Masters. Annual dues were $10, the drop-in fee was $5, and a two-month subscription for one practice per week cost a mere $30. (For the sake of comparison, the 2012 fees are $40, $15, and $82, respectively.)

Fast forward 22 years and we are still at John Jay, though thick and thin and occasional swamp-like conditions. The new suit wringer that would have been an anachronism even in 1990 was partially disassembled yesterday, but I did manage to get it to squeeze some water out my suit anyway. Despite my complaints, it’s always a pleasure to swim there, and I look forward to many, many more years.

One response to “Happy Anniversary to TNYA at John Jay!

  1. […] team’s history here is as old as the pool itself, dating to 1990, and this is where I first sampled TNYA in the early 2000s. Through December, we held about 9 swim […]

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