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Through the Wringer

on February 28, 2012

(Warning: This post contains partial nudity.)

feeding the suit into the wringer

Back in January, I griped about the swamp-like conditions at John Jay College’s pool. Since then, I am both surprised and pleased to report on some significant improvements.

First, the pool. The unusual green hue, which was well on its way to disappearing by the time of the One Hour Swim, is just a funny memory now. The name “swamp” is not presently justified.

On deck, we were down to one working wall clock and a portable, battery-operated pace clock that sometimes went AWOL. I’ll be darned if we don’t now have four working wall clocks–two at each end of the pool, one per side, all in synch. Coach Brad nearly fell over and peed in his pants when he heard the news. Four clocks is far more than we had dared to even dream of.

As if that wouldn’t have kept us happy for at least a few years, the locker room also got some attention. These past few weeks brought tell-tale signs of installation activity and painting, and recently a wondrous device appeared. I was crushed last Thursday when this seemingly fail-proof machine was not working, but all it took was a few more days. Ladies, we now have a functional, adjustable, manual wringer in our locker room! This replaces a self-standing centrifuge that overstayed its welcome in the locker room far after its useful life, and a prior wall-mounted unit.

Simply feed in your wet suit and crank the handle and watch all the water drip out. (Thanks to Piez for both photos.)

Some of my teammates have seen machines like our new wringer, but my swim career coincided with the rise of the Suitmate®, developed by the singularly focused Extractor Corporation. A welcome addition to any locker room, a water extractor helps prevent embarrassing drips from your swim bag later in the day. For all its benefits, the Suitmate has been known to shred improperly loaded suits and to cause faster wear and tear than chlorine alone.

I look forward to many wrings with this new device, and I hope it is not used for anything other than its intended purpose.

2 responses to “Through the Wringer

  1. Janet says:

    A wringer! I’m so excited!

    I never thought I’d say this but . . . John Jay rocks!!!

  2. Hannah says:

    The wringer turned out to be a bust and remains useful only as a shelf outside the showers. Over the summer, a suit spinner was installed and activated, and it is working. (Knock on wood–such as the wood of the wringer’s shelf.)

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