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NYC Fitness Passbook

on February 15, 2012

New York Fitness Access PassbookFee: $60.25

Total to Date: $115.58

An important accessory for New York City pool tourists is the handy book depicted at right, which contains scores of passes to hundred of gyms throughout NYC, generally for two visits each. Participating facilities include Asphalt Green, Manhattan Plaza, the 92nd St Y, and many YMCAs, all of which I expect to become part of this project.

I usually use only the passes that provide access to acceptable pools, for about a dozen or so visits during the course of the year. The possibilities are much greater if you want to go to classes, do strength training, or do other normal gym-type activities. I have never gotten a sales pitch on-site when using a pass, although sometimes I get a follow-up call from the membership office.

This year I organized a group order so we could take advantage of a buy-three-get-one-free offer, dropping the price a bit, but even at full price it’s a good deal. I’m going to add the amount to my fee tally now, and then all the passbook-enabled visits will not count further toward my annual total. If you want a book for yourself, take note that the online order form is not secure; I recommend mailing in a check.

2 responses to “NYC Fitness Passbook

  1. saskia says:

    Hi- do you happen to know if it’s possible to buy / use multiple PassBooks per person? Or do gyms limit pass use to however many times it’s for in a single book? Thanks!

    • Hannah says:

      You can buy as many as you want. I never tried using more than one pass per year at a facility. I know that the Ys limit the number of times any person can come in with a guest pass each year (6?) but I am not sure if they limit specific types of passes.

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