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Pools I Covet: Oceana at Brighton Beach

on February 9, 2012

As should be clear by now, if you invite me to a pool, you can expect me to eventually turn up with swimsuit in tow, ready to swim with you. Pools make it onto my suggestion list because I have every intention of swimming in them some day. Even if they are in Australia.

Another category of pool is becoming apparent as this project progresses, however. That is the coveted pool–the pool I want to swim in but am not invited to, or that does not actually exist at present, whether because it’s out of commission or not yet built. With the hope that the interwebs may be able to make some pool dreams come true, I am going to post some of my deep, dark, secretly coveted locations.

Behold, Oceana at Brighton Beach, a large outdoor pool that I have never seen in person, even though I swim in the namesake ocean across the boardwalk quite often. Janet alerted me to the rumored existence of a large private pool here a couple years ago, and sure enough I spied it on Google Earth and was able to figure out what development it was attached to with a bit more digging. Further rumors suggest that Lenny Krayzelburg lives in an Oceana condo, and that the pool is 50 meters. If you look closely you can see the suggestion of lines on the bottom. Wouldn’t it be lovely to swim there come summer?!

We have friended Lenny on Facebook along with the Shorefront Y, where he has a swim academy, but so far no pool party invitations have been forthcoming. (If you would like to enlist your swim school-age child in this quest, please be in touch.) Meanwhile, we keep swimming in the ocean and hoping that wicked backstroker breezes by.

9 responses to “Pools I Covet: Oceana at Brighton Beach

  1. Janet says:

    I have a new plan–we need to move our ocean synchro sessions down the beach a ways so they can be seen by residents of this complex. Surely that will get us boatloads of invites to come perform our amazing routines in their pool, no?

  2. Hannah says:

    We could add some signage to our routine, or maybe an airplane towing a banner alerting Lenny and his neighbors to our talents and pool curiosity.

  3. kathy langdon says:

    Love the blog, Hannah!

  4. Silverio Bracaglia says:

    Janet’s right. Go with the synchro routine. Lenny couldn’t possibly pass that up.
    You ladies have got the moves.

  5. Bob Needham says:

    Based on the size of the lounge chairs and nearby cars, my guess is that it is 25 yd/m

  6. the mermaid says:

    I might be able to get you in….did you know there is a large indoor pool as well?????????

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